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Max Your Size and STILL-ON Systems does have any affiliation with any doctor and does not have any medical professionals on our staff. 

We deliberately hired a team of engineers to design the STILL-ON System "Inner Penis" Stretching System.

Discover the most comfortable and effective penis weight and strap stretching system in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the STILL-ON System really work?
Yes! Your age, race and physical condition does not matter, gains are possible no matter what your background is.
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What benefits can I expect to see from using the STILL-ON System?
The size increases in both flaccid and erect length and girth.
Stronger and more pronounced erections, elimination of shrinkage, greater control over ejaculations, and of course a greater sexual desire, self-esteem and raised confidence, plus many other benefits.
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Are the excercises safe?
Unlike most other penis enlargement techniques, you safely control the intensity and pressure you apply with the weights, straps, tension cords and stirrups. This means you can prevent many of the problems associated with other methods such as vacuum pressured weight pumps, penile traction devices and clamped weight hanging.
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How many excersises will be safe to start?
We recommend a gradual increase in weights and the duration of your exercise sets. Please follow the written instructions with safe use as recommended. Exercises will be provided to all clients with each system purchased.
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How long will it take before I start seeing gains?
By using the STILL-ON Systems you should be able to start seeing gains in days to a few weeks. If you perform the exercises regularly as recommended we are confident that you will see very substantial gains in just a few months.
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How much can I actually gain in Length and Girth both soft and hard?
It is impossible to tell you exactly how much you will gain as there so many variables such as dedication to a regular routine, starting measurement, blood circulation levels, having loose or tight ligaments blocking the inner penis, etc. However, most disciplined users will be able to see gains 1.5-2 inches or more in the soft length, 1-1.5 inches or more hard length and 1+ inches in girth (circumference)within a year.
Multiple inches in length have been reported in the penis stretching field when stretching over time. Over 2+ inches circumference have been also reported. Combination of the Penis Lengthening Surgery with STILL-ON System the penile length/girth gains can come much quicker than other natural stretching methods.
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Can I get surgery to help my penis size?
The STILL-ON System was designed to address numerous requests by doctors, urologists, surgeons and their patients to alleviate the post surgery scar tissue formation and extend the penis out of the body quicker than natural penis enlargement stretching. Post-surgery scar tissue formation is a major negative to the post-surgery results. The STILL-ON System was initially specifically designed to prevent to prevent the scar tissue buildup as much as possible. The scar tissue could greatly minimize the post-surgery results. The gains could even be permanently lost if a patient did not start stretching as soon as he was cleared by his doctor, as the ligaments will try to heal itself by developing scar tissue.
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I'm not circumsized, is there anything special I should do?
The STILL-ON System is designed to work for all men everywhere and makes no difference if you are circumcised or not. It holds at the base and should not slip off. You will have to properly measure your penis and to select the correct "Intacto" size for a firm and comfortable grip.
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Is STILL-ON Systems FDA approved?
The STILL-ON Systems "Intacto" device is FDA Approved Non-Allergenic Silicone rubber from a reputable U.S.A. supplier. The STILL-ON Systems and all of their components are of the highest quality and made in the U.S.A. by established manufactures.
The STILL-ON Systems has been designed and engineered to prevent any serious injuries. It is designed for 100% recreational use. The STILL-ON Systems, Ltd. takes no responsibility for unsafe use, as we are not able to supervise the safety of the user wearing weights and straps. Each user should be aware of the body weight tolerance to prevent injuries and start with hand stretching and low weights. The STILL-ON Systems will provide the detailed recommended exercise instructions. We sincerely hope that each person will safely and responsibly use STILL-ON Systems and follows our safety recommendations to enjoy the results.
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