Penile Fat Injection Thoughts and Removal

 Is Phalloplasty surgery worth it??? I tried the Fat Transfer 4 times in one year. I have also spoken multiple fat transfer patients. 

Penile Free Fat Transfers are also known as FFT and Fat Injections. 

This procedure is typically performed under a light IV sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes an hour.  The main purpose of this procedure is to enlarge the penis shaft circumference. Fat is liposuctioned from either the buttock, inner thighs, abdomen or love handles. 

The girth of the penile shaft is enlarged instantly. A second staged penis widening procedure might me necessary to please the patient's girth goals. 

Abrosption of the fat and the formation of fat nodules have been seen in patients. Thus making it mandatory for a removal of the fat. While others retain the fat over many years and enjoy their gains. 

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Max Your Size employees are not medical professionals and does not work with Phalloplasty surgeons. We have been in this field since 2004, are former Phalloplasty patients of different procedures and have extensive knowledge on each procedure. We can give our opinions and share our surgery experiences.