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STILL-ON Systems, Ltd. was very intrigued by how different cultures over many centuries achived the penis weight stretching exercises. These asian men go to a "dojo-gym" like class to hang weight from their penis. It is my goal as the founder of STILL-ON Systems, Ltd  to travel around the world and meet with this class. We want to learn about their methods and educate them on a safer way of using the STILL-ON Penis Stretching System. We are looking forward bringing the the STILL-ON System to the dojo hopefully in 2014!

Asian Dojo Penis Weight Hanging Class


The STILL-ON System, Ltd is looking forward to being able to present Mr. Howard Stern with an opportunity to own and test his very own custom STILL-ON Penis Weight and Strap System. We are looking forward to a receipt of the Non-Disclosure Agreement which would protect the integrity of Mr. Howard Stern's very personal information.

We are also looking forward to a possibility of supplying the former contestants with our systems and to have a rematch at a later date. 

We are confident that this would be the ultimate test for the STILL-ON Penis Weight Stretching Systems.

We do realize that most of the contestants may require stimulation to be able to attach the STILL-ON Systems aparatus.

Please stay tuned!

STILL-ON Systems, Ltd

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