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MaxYouSize founder is introducing the most revolutionary and totally unique Penis Weight Stretching System for beginners and experienced users. After over 3 years in reseach and development the STILL-ONSystems, Ltd is introducing the most advanced , comfortable and powerful Penis Weight and Straps Stretching System. 

It can be used for pre/post surgery patients and recreational users.

The STILL-ON Systems was designed to prevent slippage for circumsized and uncircumsized men. Our extensive tests  proved the STILL-ON System to be a safe and reliable solution for enlarging your penis naturally. We believe it will be the most effective penis weight system on the market in terms of comfort, quality and effectivness. 

The STILL-ON Systems, Ltd is not affiliated with any doctors. 

We believe the system will be recommended by recreational users, phalloplasty surgeons, urologists and surgery patients.

In our extensive tests of the STILL-ON System, users have gained natural length and circumference (girth) gains with no surgery! The STILL-ON System is the worlds first true "Inner Penis" stretching system, as all men have multiple inches inside their body!

Our product website, will be launched this September. Pre orders will be shipped first once it's available for shipment.

Please e-mail to be added oto our "Interested Client List."



STILL-ON Systems, Ltd. was very intrigued by how different cultures over many centuries achived the penis weight stretching exercises. These asian men go to a "dojo-gym" like class to hang weight from their penis. It is my goal as the founder of STILL-ON Systems, Ltd  to travel around the world and meet with this class. We want to learn about their methods and educate them on a safer way of using the STILL-ON Penis Stretching System. We are looking forward bringing the the STILL-ON System to the dojo hopefully in 2014!

Asian Dojo Penis Weight Hanging Class


The STILL-ON System, Ltd is looking forward to being able to present Mr. Howard Stern with an opportunity to own and test his very own custom STILL-ON Penis Weight and Strap System. We are looking forward to a receipt of the Non-Disclosure Agreement which would protect the integrity of Mr. Howard Stern's very personal information.

We are also looking forward to a possibility of supplying the former contestants with our systems and to have a rematch at a later date. 

We are confident that this would be the ultimate test for the STILL-ON Penis Weight Stretching Systems.

We do realize that most of the contestants may require stimulation to be able to attach the STILL-ON Systems aparatus.

Please stay tuned!

STILL-ON Systems, Ltd

Howard Stern Smallest Penis Competition

My Penis & Everyone Else's Documentary

My Penis & I Documentary



Before 5" erect girth                  13 MONTHS After Surgery!  1.8" girth gains!