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Max Your Size's product company, STILL-ONSYSTEMS team of engineers has invented a Penis Weight and Strap Stretching System. The product website, will launch this January we are excited to say! We believe it will be the best system possible for penis stretching in terms of comfort, quality and effectivness. 

The system was developed exclusively by STILL-ON Systems, Ltd. engineers and has no affiliation with the any doctors or surgeons.

We believe the system will be recommended by phalloplasty surgeons, urologists, doctors, surgery patients and recreational users around the world! In the near future we will be traveling to meet with the doctors to improve results of the Penis Enlargement Surgery by recommending our STILL-ON Stretching system to their pre and post surgery patients. 

In our extensive tests of the STILL-ON Systems users have gained natural length and circumference (girth) gains with no surgery! The STILL-ON System has one of a kind "Inner Penis" stretching methods that focuses on the hidden inner penis. 

Please visit where you can pre-register and learn more about our system and how it works. The product, sizes and measurments will be explained in great detail. The product website will be up by Jan, 2014.  Pre orders will be shipped first once it's available for shipment.

Please contact to be put on our "Interested Client List."

Thanks, MYS


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Please inquire about the STILL-ON Systems Penis Weight Stretching System that will be released in January 2014. The STILL-ON System is unlike anything on the market and we believe it be the ultimate in comfort and effectiveness. Discover the all new web-site: by December!