Penile Reconstruction & Revisionary Surgery

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Revision & Reconstruction Procedures can happen with any type of cosmetic procedure, including Phalloplasty surgeries. It is highly recommend to research options when you are in need of a penis revision. The founder of Max Your Size is a former patient that had a Penile Revision surgery and can share his procedure information among other useful insight.

The most common issue that we have sen is erect length shortening from scar tissue formation after ligaments have been cut.  Even girth augmentation can shorten the erect length. In some cases over 2". In other cases complications can still occur. 

Penis stretching is ideal for getting this length back and Max Your Size has designed a penis stretching system that should be able to get this length out. THE STILL-ON System will be released this winter. In some cases the scar tissue is so thick that a scar tissue removal procedure or multiple kenalog injections are needed to remove the scar tissue. Then stretching the penis can help extend the penis out of the body again and possibly more than pre surgery. 

Please contact if you have any questions. MaxYourSize employee's are not medical professionals and do not work with Phalloplasty surgeons. Thanks!