NEW!!! Penile Lengthening with Scaffold


 From Online Resources;

Penile Lengthening surgery is the most common Phalloplasty procedure in the world. The doctor would typically create a 2" incision above the base of the penis and will cut ligaments blocking the inner penis behind the pubic bone. The healing time is said to be very quick and with the combination of penis weight and strap stretching the penis gains can quite drastic very quickly. If penis stretching is not done soon after the procedure the penis can actually retract in length because it produces scar tissue where the ligaments have been cut. Length from prior to surgery and length gains after surgery can be lost. 

The Scaffold is not used by all phalloplasty surgeons with the lengthening procedure, but it seems to be doing an excellent job of preventing scar tissue up to two weeks after surgery for the surgeons offering it. It doesn't look to be a 100% prevention of scar tissue though.

Max Your Size is pleased to announce the launch of STILL-ON Systems, Ltd. Patients can wear this device for stretching their penis post op, thus releasing the inner penis very quickly and minimizing scar tissue formation.

 If you have any questions please contact MaxYourSize employee's are not medical professionals and do not work with Phalloplasty surgeons.