Max Your Size Invented Weight System!

 I have been in the Phalloplasty Surgery and Penis Enlargement Field since 2004. There are Penis Weight Systems, Penile Traction Devices, Penis Pumps, Jelq, Jelqing and hand stretching techniques. I have tested all the products on the market and have tried all types of natural enhancement stretches as well.  Plus I have spoken to thousands of clients and patients. Feel free to contact me with all of your questions and concerns on works and what doesn't.

 I am happy to annouce a New Penis Weight System is available by STILL-ON SYSTEMS.

This system will not have vacuum pressure or pumps to stretch with weight and straps. Patients and recreational users will be able to hang weight and use the most comfortable leg, ankle and foot straps without putting anything on the penile head/shaft.

The main focus will be the base/pubic region which is where your inner penis is. About 1/2" (half inch) of the outer penis is touched at the base attached to the pubic region or any location the 1/2" silicone is applied to on the shaft.

This way we have eliminated head blisters, head pain, bruising, severe shaft skin loosening and we made it incredibly easy for post surgery patients to stretch much sooner if they have a girth procedure. Also non circumcised men will not have to worry about slippage issues. 

Customer service is something I strive on and I will be creating another state of the art website to better assist everyone. It will only be a product website.

We also recommend Bath-Mate pumps and have long term users that are available to talk, text or e-mail you with photos.

Bathmate Hydromax Pump