Platinum Girth Procedure

I am the Founder of Max Your Size. I recently met with Dr Victor Loria in Miami, Florida to discuss the future of Phalloplasty procedures and introduce my newly invented penis stretching system, The Still-On System. He will recommend it to his patients as he believe The STILL ON System will extend his patients soft and hard length after their girth procedures. 

On 1/10/13 I viewed a patients non invasive surgery. He had his second filler injection with Dr Loria's new Platinum Girth Procedure. I was extremely impressed by his patient skills and his vision. The new girth augmentation "Platinum Procedure" seems to be a step in the right direction for a permanent girth enlargement surgery. I am currently monitoring three patients of his to determine if the procedure should be recommend by MaxYourSize in the future. 

If you would like to speak with these patients you can register on my new STILL ON Systems Forum here; . Then go to "Surgery Discussions" and you will see their discussions threads.

Dr. Loria is working on ways to enlarge the penis length without cutting the suspensory ligaments (lengthening). He is also working on getting his new Platinum Girth Procedure FDA approved. I can sense that this is his genuine dream and goal. 

The filler injection I viewed only takes about 20 minutes. Dr. Loria said that once it's packed in the shaft it should not go anywhere. I am very skeptical of course because I have tried Fat Injections and a Dermal Skin Graft without success. I will continue to monitor if this is a procedure MaxYourSize will recommend to interested patients.

Dr. Victor Loria is performing a new girth filler augmentation injection is now being used for enlarging the circumference of the penis shaft and glans. These filler injections can last for multiple years to a lifetime. Many patients come back for a second or third filler for added girth. This also allows for a better chance of permanent survival. 

There are no stitches with this procedure and no anesthesia. It is minimally invasive and very cost effective. Long term studies on this girth augmentation procedure are starting get under way. It is only a matter of time before patients will see if the consistancy of the girth gains and feel of the shaft will be permanent and natural feeling. 

MaxYourSize employee's are not medical professionals and do not work with any Phalloplasty surgeons. We have been in the Penis Enlargement Surgery and Natural Male Enhancement Industry since 2004. Our staff is a former Phalloplasty patients.

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